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DFY - Done For You

When The Chill Sessions first launched in 2006, CD's were still going strong, but with the rise of the mobile and smart phones and tablets, and the simplification of transferring files, you can now - as a member - have your own custom download page built snd hosted by us.

So what?  Well, it now means that rather you having to figure out how to give files to your clients, you can now give them a link to your own branded, password-protected page, where they can listen to and download a selection of the most popular items and content.

Now...get yout thinking caps on and understand what this means to you as a service provider.

1) You're providing exceptional 'value-adding' to your services

2) You have something unique and not used by your competition

3)You're building your 'brand' and credibility by having these resources under your name.  Much easier than writing a book.

Here's what to do next...

So that we can setup your page, we need a headshot image of you, and a brief 'how to use the content' instruction for your clients - in your own words.  The content will be music, guided visualisationa and video.

Simply email this to Glenn:

He will setup your page and notify you with the URL (webpage) and password for your custom page.

Other DFY services will be available for you very shortly.


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